We are a company from the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and Colombia that want to extend their business perception to other countries where the industry begins to have a greater impact on their consumption.

We are a group of professionals with the vision of providing entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to start or expand their business in the cannabis industry. We work as a cannabis consultancy that brings together experts and connoisseurs in different commercial, legal and creative areas, necessary for the successful development of your project.

Furthermore, we are the first and only cannabis consultancy with offices in Mexico and Colombia, which also has important relationships with the most relevant media groups in the US and notable investors in Latin America.

With the fever of the cannabis industry spreading throughout the world, we created Malli to help, advise and associate companies from North America and Europe to enter Latam.

We offer our clients the necessary resources for new companies in accordance with national and international regulations. In addition, we provide companies with the design and implementation of management systems and structures so that they can sustain themselves after the intervention of experts.


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