The cannabis industry for medicinal purposes is advancing unaffected by the ideological impediments that for years made it impossible to develop in a country that has all that it takes for a successful industry to develop.

Since Colombia legalized the cultivation for the production and trade of medicinal cannabis in 2015; two years after the government finalized the regulatory process for the manufacture, cultivation, and the use of seeds for medicinal purposes, opportunities for the cannabis industry continue to increase. And with regulation law 811 signed in 2021 by President Iván Duque, not only does it allow the medical and scientific use of, but it also makes possible the export of the dried flower for better use of the plant’s properties.

The United Nations recognizes marijuana’s therapeutic properties.

Without obstacles to the free use of marijuana, new techniques and products that benefit the health of thousands of people in the country have developed. The alternatives offered by cannabis aren’t limited only to reducing external pain, some studies verify the effectiveness of cannabis to control chronic diseases, cancers, anxiety disorders, among many others.

The medicinal cannabis industry generates billions of dollars around the world, and today represents an important opportunity for the Colombian economy.

Just a cannabis extract oil bottle of 120 milliliters, priced at 10.000E and generates about a thousand medications for different treatments. By 2025, medical cannabis together with recreational marijuana expects to reach the €50 billion mark.

The cannabis business is booming in Colombia and the possibilities of expanding beyond its territory to other countries, such as Mexico is a reality, said country in the process to legalize pharmaceutical-grade cannabis and could become one of the world’s top producers.



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