After the decree signed that gave free rein to the commercialization and export of cannabis for scientific and medicinal purposes, Colombia has begun to conquer the international market. Colombia is the second country in Latam that exports almost 10 million dollars, as well important enterprises have opted to explore the benefits of cannabis.

The country has a wide range of products that meet the highest quality standards, in addition to having an excellent production capacity that could make Colombia the first major supplier of medicinal cannabis in the region and the main world exporter of the plant.

The medical cannabis industry allowed by Law 1787 of 2016 and regularized by decrees 613 of 2017, 631 of 2018 and 811 of 2011.

Producing medicinal cannabis implies sophisticated knowledge about the production and the processes that it entails, however, Colombia has several factors in its favor, among them the fact that the environmental condition for agriculture are favorable throughout the year, which allows the production of medicinal cannabis for a fraction of what it costs foreign producers.

With this, the cannabis industry expects to begin to succeed in the areas of health that will help address the negative symptoms of numerous conditions.



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